Track – Accucraft – Code 250

Accucraft Code 250 Track

All Accucraft track is 45mm gauge (‘1’ gauge) and comes in 2 rail sizes – Code 332 and Code 250.
Code 332 means the rail is 0.332 inch high (8.4mm)
Code 250 means the rail is 0.250 inch high (¼ inch or 6.35mm)..
Accucraft Code 250 track is fully assembled ready to lay. It comes in straight ‘Flex’ sections suitable for larger radius curves. Accucraft Code 250 rail is interchangeable with ‘Sunset Valley’ rail, offering the largest range of scales, gauges, materials, and accessories.
The difference between ‘Main Line’ and ‘Narrow Gauge’ is just the size or scale of the sleepers (Ties). Narrow Gauge sleepers are chunky. Main Line sleepers are slim and closer together.

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