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Argyle Loco Works:
Within Australia: 03 9751 1964
International: +61 3 9751 1964

Address: (By appointment only)
Olinda, Victoria, Australia. 3788

  • Prices are in Australian Dollars and include 10% GST.
  • Export Sales. The Australian 10% 'Goods and Services Tax' (GST) does not apply to export sales. The export price in Australian Dollars may be calculated by dividing the list price by 1.1
  • 'In Stock' - For items marked as 'In Stock' the prices are firm.
  • 'Available' or 'Pre Order' - For items marked as 'Available' or 'Pre Order' the price is an estimate based on information provided by the manufacturer at the time of listing the product. The price is subject to variables that may include fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates, freight costs, final cost adjustments by the manufacturer or other factors.
  • Minimum sale $20

  • Domestic Sales.
  • We accept payment by Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card (Visa or Master Card), or Cash. Our preferred method of payment is by direct bank transfer. Fees for other methods of payment are as follows:
    • Credit Card: 1.0% on sales over $500
  • International Sales.
    • Payment in Australian dollars
    • We do not accept credit card or Pay Pal payments from buyers outside Australia.
    • Payment must be made through your bank or financial institution using an international wire transfer or bank draft.
    • All international transactions attract an A$75 currency conversion fee. This is the fee the banks charge us for their services
  • Dispatch is made upon receipt of cleared funds. 
    • Cheques received will be banked at our convenience. Once banked they may require several days to clear.
    • Pay Pal funds require 1 business day to clear. 

Sometimes a deposit is requested when a customer orders a product. A deposit is usually requested for high value or specialized or non-standard items. Taking a deposit allows us to order an item on your behalf with confidence that there is a genuine intent and ability to purchase the item. Customer deposits are held in a special non-trading 'deposits' account and are accounted for separately from other business functions. A deposit may be 10%, 20% or 100% of the sale price depending on the circumstance of the sale. 
Cancellation by Supplier: Should the ordered item become unavailable due to the manufacturer cancelling production or for other reasons the deposit will be fully refunded. 
Cancellation by you: We will accept a cancellation by you until the point that we become committed to accepting the model on your behalf. This point in the supply process will depend on the nature and contents of the order. A minimum admin fee of $50 will apply. If you cancel your order after this point you will forfeit all your deposit.
Unless otherwise agreed, final and full payment for an item is required within 14 days of us notifying the customer that the item is available for collection or dispatch. If after 6 weeks the customer has still not paid the balance of the sale, the item it will be considered a 'Cancelled Order' and the deposit will be retained and the item will be made available for sale to another customer.

  • Freight is charged at cost. A packaging fee may apply.
  • Minimum postage fee $12
  • The maximum parcel size and weight that can be sent by post is as follows
  • Larger items will be sent by Courier. Cost is based on dimensional weight
  • Insurance is at the request of the purchaser. Please let us know if you require your consignment to be insured.
Terms & Abbreviations:
  • 'RTR' - means that the model is 'Ready To Run'. The model is supplied by the manufacturer in an assembled state. It may require the application of lubricants, fuel, water and batteries or some components may be unattached to facilitate transportation. The model should be prepared and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  • 'Kit' - The model is supplied in kit form and will need varying degrees of assembly before it is ready to run. Some kits will have all the parts pre finished, other kits may need processes such bending, soldering and painting.
  • 'In Stock' - means that the item is held in stock at Argyle Loco Works, ready for dispatch. Sometimes there is a lag before the web site is updated to show the exact stock inventory.
  • 'Available' - means the item is in stock at the manufacturer and is ordered on request.
  • 'Pre Order' - means that production of the model has been announced but it is not yet available from the manufacturer and reservations are being taken
  • 'POA' - means 'Price on Application'. Please contact us to obtain a current price.
  • 'Sold Out' or 'Discontinued'. For information or historical purposes, we sometimes continue to list products that are no longer available
  • 'OPEN BOX' Items listed as Open Box may have been used for trade show demonstration, display, or other similar use. Some items may be repairs of slightly damaged models and are so noted. Quantities are limited to only what's shown. Locomotives have been tested and are in operable condition. No broken or missing parts unless otherwise specified. All Warranties Apply. Models are subject to prior sale and are available for direct purchase only. Shipping & Handling costs are non-refundable.

Product Description:

Product Descriptions and Specifications are based on information provided by the manufacturer. While care is taken to insure accurate information is provided, variations may occur due to product development and improvement, batch variation or other factors. Specifications are subject to update as development and production proceed and may change without notice.

Use of Product:

Miniature steam engines are not toys; they are operating machines whose functions are designed to replicate the real thing. As an authentic reproduction of engineering standards and practice of a bygone era it may have exposed and unprotected moving parts and sharp edges. As a miniature, it is made up of many small parts and as a piece of functioning machinery it requires the application of substances or coatings that may be toxic if ingested or may irritate sensitive skin.

A steam engine carries and uses volatile and flammable fuels that require careful and informed handling. When lit, the fire within it may ignite other volatile or flammable materials and the surfaces of the model become hot to touch and can burn. It carries hot water and steam under pressure within its boiler that may exhaust or emit from various apertures both predictably and not. Steam by its very nature is hot and may cause injury by scolding. When under way the model may act erratically or unpredictably.

A miniature steam engine should only be handled or operated by an adult who is familiar with the model and its functioning, who fully appreciates all the Hazards associated with it and who has the knowledge and the ability to minimize the Risks involved in its operation.

'Market Place' - Terms of Listing:

Cost to list:
  • Items over $500 - 5% of selling price
  • Less than $500 - $20 / listing
  • Period of listing 6 months.
  • Private sales only
  • Latest items will appear at the top of the list

All negotiations over the sale of the item are between the vendor and the buyer. Argyle Loco Works (ALW) is a listing service only and accepts no responsibility for the correctness of the vendor's claims, the suitability or condition of the item or the outcome of negotiations or the transaction.

The vendor is obligated to advise ALW when the item is sold so that it may be removed from the listing.

ALW may, without explanation refuse to accept a listing or remove a listing and provide to the vendor a pro rata refund of the listing fee if the item has not sold.

Information required:
  • Price
  • Digital Images
  • Description
  • Name and Contact details (Name, email, phone)

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